After getting my Macbook Pro I got myself a Magic Mouse aswell to go with it. It has gestures, buttonless scroll, and many other nice features, but it’s tracking is for some reason really off. A quick google found me a fix though. I basically tried three things. First I installed MagicPrefs (found here!), and while it adds a ton of extra preferences for the Magic Mouse, it didn’t do exactly what I wanted. It basically didn’t boost my tracking speed enough, and the acceleration speed on the mouse wasn’t corrected either. Therefor I added yet another hack, through the terminal, which allows you to manually set the acceleration speed. However, when you go to your mouse preferences and alter anything, it resets. The code for terminal I speak of is ofcourse the “defaults write -g -1” code.

Anyhow, I found a third solution, which seems to do exactly what I want. It’s called Mouse Zoom. I made a mirror for the 64 bit Snow Leopard version here. This little free pref-pane addon really helps me use the Magic Mouse like I want it. Download Mouse Zoom here!

Additionally you can kill the mouse accelaration with a little app aswell. It seems like you only have to run this once aswell. Download iMousefix here!