Ever since I started my apprenticeship back in the days I wanted a Macbook. Some days ago I finally, after all years gone, and after me only working with PCs for several years, bought me a Macbook Pro 13″. Inside that Macbook Pro I then replaced the slow build in 5400 rpm harddrive with a 100 GB SSD, and even though I bought this machine to have a little handy laptop and wasn’t expecting much performance wise from the Core 2 Duo that runs this machine, I am baffled with the speed I get from this little piece of equipment. I was litteraly not expecting anything much from Photoshop and apps like it running on this baby, but to my surprise it runs totally fluid. I’ve tried all sorts of different things in Photoshop, including the Repouss√© 3D function, and it doesn’t hick up at all. Amazing.

The main factor for me with this purchase though is, that it’s small, has a gorgeous screen, and the entire build quality is just something you don’t get from PC laptops. This laptop is so well designed and the build quality just oozes of love for the craftmanship put into this sweet piece of equipment. Apple might use some of the older hardware in their machines (the Core 2 Duo is really outdated when you consider for how long the i3, i5, and i7 has been on the market), but they for some reason still manage to get their OS and apps to run so smooth on this beauty. And again, I didn’t get this to play my games on, or do heavy duty work on, but to have a nice and reliable portable, that really is portable. And the 13″ really hits the sweet spot in size and speed. Needless to say, I love my very first, but long wanted Macbook.